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24-Mar-2018 05:21

(Title I funds are the vehicle for CHOICE to control all private, religious, and homeschooled children in the Planned Economy where the money and the interventions “follow the child.”) So, since 2012, the illegal, and unjust expanding data system would identify and cross-reference individual children, teachers, testing, and validated curriculum creating a feedback loop control system, called evidence-based decision-making.The system can cross-reference and identify who is or is not meeting government objectives.

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Funding would be issued to train teachers in methodology for these mental health interventions.Here’s some of the background on this particular soldier…“Imperial Agents are direct representatives of the Emperor, an elite caste within the Imperial Service.In this caste, there are ranks, structured according to their proximity to the Dragon.The Obama ESEA Flexibility Waivers were simply operating as an updated “Easy Bake Oven” to change personality traits.

How do you measure, score, and remediate social, emotional, and behavioral values? Can our government create standards for our children’s personality? (Source: Use the 5 Magic Questions to Fight ESSA Values Changing Standards) This is when parents should have been hyperventilating especially when the Nations Report Card (NAEP) came out and said social, emotional, and non-academic standards would be collected forming psychometric dossiers on kids which would be used for the new “CENSUS” of the future.Data and psychological profiles decide their future. Data Mining 101-The Truth About HR 4147 Why HR 4147 MUST Be Stopped!

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This week the Senate Intelligence Committee is expected to issue a long expected report on the CIA’s interrogation practices that were adopted in the aftermath of 9/11.… continue reading »

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“It’s a little piece of magic from another website that you can add to your own website,” says Mike Bannan, the head of digital media for IDEA.… continue reading »

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