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According to an interview that she herself gave to the Think about the math there, for a second.

Twelve years ago would have been 2001, when Paul was twenty-eight and Aubrianna was…yup, sixteen.

How did we miss a seventeen-year age difference that would've constituted statutory rape in certain states at the time of their meeting?

How did we not realize that at age fifteen, Paul's daughter Meadow is only a year younger than Jasmine was when he met and started dating her? I have no intimate knowledge of the situation, but when a famous Hollywood actor in his thirties starts dating A SOPHOMORE IN HIGH SCHOOL, maybe that deserves another look.

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That's not romantic, that's borderline illegal, depending on the age of consent in the state they were in at the time.

I understand that the timing of these revelations is uncomfortable, but it's never going to be an appropriate time to discuss this potential pattern of dating underage girls, right?