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03-Sep-2017 22:49

However, I really liked the comfort of the hoods and double tap worked well for me.

I would consider SRAM Red for a future bike - Force and Red seem alot better constructed than Rival based on what I've read. Not much difference between the two in reality other than the small weight penalty and the hefty price difference. I'm sure the OP would be pleased with either groupset.

However that is probably due to the cables, I suspect red22 is lighter but most of that will be the cranks. However, it depends on your preference for shifting, do you like double tap??? Red is lighter Dura Ace looks better (in my opinion)Double tap takes some getting used to The DA cassettes aren't very durable, so if you get DA, replace it with a SRAM cassette when it breaks If you get DA, make sure you get the 9001 shifters (I think all the DA for sale now will be 9001, but make sure)If you want hydraulic brakes, be aware that there is a recall on red stuff. Double tap is excellent, does not take getting used to and is probably the most intuitive of all groupset shifting methods. Grill, I run 9000 and now have a selection of 9000, 6800 and sram 1190 cassettes.

I wouldn't put much stock in the yaw front mech as I still wouldn't advocate cross chaining with expensive cassettes. The 1190 is a really nice piece of kit, it is light and looks very well machined, definitely an area where SRAM is ahead of Shimano in my view. On that basis the 9000 cassette is about 3x the cost of 6800.

Also , their shifting cables on the 9000sti's had issues after a while , with the cable snapping.

There is a good thread on weightweenies about it which I posted on another thread. f=3&t=118879For sure, I would run the Sram XG1190 cassette over the DA , if you were to choose the DA set.

Shimano have now released the 9001sti lever , although some say there is very little difference and fear the problem may not have been fully resolved. I tried Shimano and didn't like the two lever set up.