Consolidating financial aid loans

18-Sep-2017 10:38

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Summer Undergraduate tuition is 1 per credit hour. Tell us if your FAFSA results do not reflect your current circumstances. Student loans, through federal or private sources, are repaid and may be obtained based on need or merit consideration.

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The maximum available grants and loans are listed below: Federal Pell Grant ,775 Federal SEOG Grant ,000 (Maximum award at Loras College is typically 0) to allow more students access to limited funding.

Independent and graduate students have higher annual loan limits; all loans have an aggregate limit and require completion of the FAFSA.

Students are not required to borrow a Federal Direct Loan.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan This loan follows the same guidelines as the Subsidized Direct Loan, except that it is not based on financial need, and the student is responsible for the interest while in school.

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A student’s financial aid may include either loan type or a combination of both. Note: Direct Loan Entrance Counseling The federal government requires that students complete a student loan entrance counseling session prior to obtaining a Federal Direct Loan.

Our website also provides a lot of information for families.